1 week after Sandy.

Sirens wailing every 10 mins. Many people still with no power. Freezing temps coming tonight. People are helping eachother out but also hearing stories of looters. All the flooded and condemned neighborhoods are blocked off. Cops checking ids to get in. My brother lives in one. Driving there at night is like driving into a 3rd world slum now. Debree and garbage everywhere. What used to be a beautiful marina neighborhood with homes valued up to 1mil.

Gas shortages have ended in toms river but further north gas is still rationed.

Seaside heights and the rest of the ocean towns are destroyed completely. Thousands of people with no homes. Martial law enacted. Ive seen press being let in. People are still waiting to go back and pick up their belongings if any left. One bridge now leads directly into a new inlet where homes used to be. The ocean drew a new map.


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