Media Blackout on Protests in Anaheim California Under Martial Law

Starship Earth: The Big Picture

A full-blown militarized Disneyland: Something is happening in Anaheim

A few weeks back, police in Anaheim, CA. shot
an unarmed ma, Manual Diaz, in the back of the head, which
led to protests by the community.

There were a few random reports about police using brutality to suppress protests against against…  police brutality.

And then the media fell completely silent.

Here’s what most people never heard…  See Video

NOT the happiest place on earth

Briefly, videos went viral of police in Anaheim releasing dogs on crowds of people that included small children. Then, suddenly, the media became silent on the situation in Orange County California.

News sources like the L.A. Times simply report that riot police formed the blockade, but that’s incredibly misleading, and the reports say nothing about the paramilitary forces patrolling the city streets of Anaheim itself en masse. User-generated communiques on social networks and videos and photos…

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Julian Assange Will Be Granted Political Asylum in Ecuador

Starship Earth: The Big Picture

“Quito, Ecuador”

Quito- Officials close to the Ecuadorian President in Quito have advised that WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, will reportedly be granted asylum in Ecuador. Final confirmation is awaited from Correa.

Digital Journal reported earlier today that a decision on Assange’s asylum would be released soon after a meeting between President Correa and his Foreign Minister, Ricardo Patiño, on Wednesday.

However, Irene Caselli, reporter for The Guardian who is based in Quito, is reporting that an official, who is familiar with the government discussions, was quoted as saying, “Ecuador will grant asylum to Julian Assange.”

President Correa told Ecuadorian state television on Monday that a decision would be made this week, and Foreign Minister, Ricardo Patiño indicated that the president would reveal his answer once the London Olympic Games were over.

According to government sources in Quito, it is confirmed that despite the outstanding legal issues, President Correa will grant…

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Lucas 2012 Infos

Yesterday a window opened, one quickly closing.  Major newspapers and news outlets including the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Reuters and others announced and the billionaire gambling “magnate,” some call him “mob boss” who runs gambling from Las Vegas to China where he is fighting bribery charges, is facing a major criminal investigation.

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Lucas 2012 Infos

In line with our programs and the opening of the Keshe Foundation research and development program, the Foundation has set out to prepare and publish 4 new books in PDF form.

These books are based on the published and unpublished patents of the Foundation and will become the core books for the Institute’s teaching. From now we will be teaching the full technology to those who we think are ready to learn and to add to the resources of mankind.

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