Not One but TWO UFOs at the Olympic Opening Ceremonies

Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Well, well, well. Life is certainly interesting these days. I wondered why, in the video I saw, the camera angle suddenly shifted from the right of the craft to the left. A lot of activity for a no-fly zone. Perhaps one was the good guys and one wasn’t…

Perhaps this was the catastrophic event we learned of in Blossom Goodchild’s message.


A new analysis, shows not one but two UFOs hovering above the Olympics during the opening ceremony.

The second object, which at first I believed was a helicopter, does not have anti-collision lights or flashing strobes either, this proves the object is unidentified also.


This puts to rest the theory that the Olympic UFO was the Goodyear blimp, apart from the fact that the Blimp was indeed grounded during the opening ceremony, no anti-collision lights or strobes are visible on the unknown object.

So now we have two…

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