Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Here’s a response to this channeled message below we might want to heed:

Micah Returns to Confuse the Unwary

2012 July 29
Posted by Steve Beckow

I caution people from being taken in by cabal attempts to confuse and raise doubt in us through the propagation of false channeled information.

Just as the cabal causes mass shootings to derail Disclosure and works the media to debunk genuine sightings, so also the national-security state probably employs many people to churn out false communications from non-existent ascended masters and galactics.

I suspect that one such channel, whom I discussed earlier, (1) styles himself “Micah the Guardian.” On July 27, 2012, he said that the Plieadians had now decided to intervene fully in the Earth’s Ascension because “Sophia-Gaia’s sickness has reached a critical stage and must be cleaned up at once. The light quotient on Earth is not high enough at this stage…

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