Starship Earth: The Big Picture

From David Wilcock… some great news.

The Department of Justice — home of the US Marshals — has now blown the lid off of the biggest financial scandal in human history… after a highly covert three-year investigation.

The LIBOR scandal has started the Great Revealing of Financial Tyranny. Mass arrests must begin with mass charges, and mass court cases — and that has now arrived. Disclosure of many great hidden truths will follow.


Every person on Earth is increasingly aware that our world is ruled by corrupt forces — to an almost Biblical degree.

The astonishing events that have unfolded since June 27, 2012 have made that much more obvious — even for those who have been in the greatest denial.

This process has been fascinating to watch — not to mention remarkably rewarding.

After many years of hard work to expose the truth, we are…

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  1. I think that to classify anyone dissenting based on tons of collected conflicting information as hit men is as abominable as the work of the so called caballists. Maybe there are thousands of paid hit men which is a time wasting use of resources, or maybe you are too naive or callous to consider the possibility that the problem has been in the volume of INACCURATE, NON EXISTING FACTS that have been at various times, published, retracted, ignored by several irresponsible alternative media outlets. Be assured some in the main stream media are now taking an interest in how thousands of people were misled and lied to. The source: all complicit sites, resistance movements that border on the insanely ridiculous, by their own statements, their own pronouncements. So we will be looking at what YOU have collectively published. And if you are sufficiently disconnected from reality to find hit men everywhere, well go ahead and live in your parallel paranoid fantasy. When you actually publish something that IS TRUE, IS OBSERVABLE, DOES HAPPEN: hmmmm maybe the hit men will just take down your sites (they could have done so if they wished but they have not, why?) or they might disappear because at last they will have seen something believable. And good ordinary people who followed you and felt let down by all your disinformation might just cease being so angry.

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