2012: What's the 'real' truth?

June 27, 2012 in
Ron’s Channeled Messages

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It is my task and privilege today to address the question you have asked of the Creator of All That Is.  It is a very important topic indeed.  And although it could be answered in a very short sentence, we will give it the attention it deserves.

You have asked to know what is going on today in the Reality, and not in the illusory world of arrests, banking, fear stories, and so forth.  There is, of course, one main objective to all that is happening, but we will not give your sincere question such short shrift.  Neither is there space in a daily message such as this to even begin to explain all that is occurring, for there is nothing in your universe which is not being affected by this thing you term Ascension.

We could say…

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2012: What's the 'real' truth?

The Ascended Masters

Channeled through Wes Annac

Your year 2012 has served to act as a year of many energetic boosts that serve to rapidly change and transform the very structures of the surface of your world and how events play out on the surface of your world. Every single moment of your experience, each and every dark influence is being taken away and integrated by each and every one of you as you experience the surfacing of your former selves; those parts of yourselves that have been based in the lower dimensions, whom you have willingly fed throughout so very many Lives.

You have begun to hear the extent to which the dark souls on your world and in the astral realms of your world have been able to gain influence and power through the collectively fed and manifested densities of humanity, and now as there are thousands upon…

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2012: What's the 'real' truth?

Everyone reads SaLuSa, so let me say here that although I don’t understand the entire message, I think the second part of Portal 2012′s message yesterday could mean ‘London, radius 6.5 miles.’ Was this a sweep operation?

Action is taking place but as you have realized it still does not hit the main Press outlets, but the news will become so important that a point will come when it can no longer be hidden or ignored. Governments like to be in control and have always tried to cover up news about demonstrations or rebellions amongst the people. However, once the media gets hold of the real truth behind what is happening, they will take the side of the people. Naturally there will still be those who take a defensive view of the happenings, fearing that the changes are going to seriously affect them. People do not want to face the idea…

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2012: What's the 'real' truth?

Two shows:  An Hour With An Angel followed by a special Cosmic Vision News show immediately after.  Move down for CVN Summary.

Hour With An Angel:  0-60 minutes:  This week’s show will continue to look at the theme of peace with Ascended Masters, Serapis Bey and El Morya. A word that most people think they understand and perhaps think that they are creating in their worlds.  The word ‘peace’ currently lacks a broad, holistic definition, and this opens the door for discussion as to what it is that people are claiming when they say they want ‘peace.’

Music: Pachelbel’s Canon and Mike Roland – Son of the Light

Cosmic Vision News 60 minute mark until the end: 

Information about Drake’s announcement of potential military/civilian activity.

Message from the celestial realm in reaction to any kind of physical and/or violent confrontations

Message from the galactic families in reaction to any kind…

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2012: What's the 'real' truth?

4 Imix, 14 Kayab, 8 Manik

Dratzo! We return. Much is about to happen on your world! The dark cabalists have refused the eleventh-hour offer made by our Earth allies to surrender and allow an easy and peaceful transition of power. Their refusal has put the ball in our court, and we are now composing our response. Our liaisons have spent the last few days putting together the arrest strategy with those who will be physically carrying it out. We wish to do it in such a way that it does not lead to negative propaganda by those news networks most closely linked to the cabal. We can, if necessary, require that a number of these controlled media sites be properly discredited and shut down. It is also necessary for major government officials in the cabal-led regimes to resign, as it is important to be publicly seen that a legal…

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2012: What's the 'real' truth?

Nobody Knows More Than You. Nobody.

Nobody Knows More Than You. Nobody.

Consciousness pioneer Terence McKenna sums it up perfectly in this short, eloquent clip. Enjoy the liberating wonder of conscious simplicity. Love, Zen (hat tip to Ann at Exopermaculture – tx!) Like!14


Don’t Look for Answers – Find the Questions

Don’t Look for Answers – Find the Questions

by Zen Gardner

Researching the internet for information has taught me so many things. First of all, explore. Remain open and take the time to follow your heart and the leads and little nudges you’re given. I know I’m preaching to much of the choir here, but these basic principles have such a wealth of […]


The Importance of Selfless Networking

The Importance of Selfless Networking

by Zen Gardner

If we’re in this at all we’re in it all the way. Once you’ve woken up you know the situation is both urgent and fully under control at the same time. It doesn’t reconcile in the carnal, natural mind…

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